Established in 2012, SHB pharmaceutical Corporation has become one of the most famous medical and pharmaceutical products and covering all over Iraq distributing drugs, medicines and healthcare equipment’s for the purpose of minimizing the world for your health. Our range of services covers nutritional supplements, drugs, and medical supplies.

SHB is a leading company in the medical care industry. SHB provides a range of healthcare solutions, importing products from our global partners and distributing them to our dear clients all over Iraq, SHB has developed a reputation for excellence and has rapidly become the No.1 supplier in Iraq, With over 100 products and 10 brand agencies.

    Our services include:

  • Publishing and submissions.
  • Regulatory labeling.
  • Regulatory artwork services.
  • Interactions with health authorities.
  • Product registrations and market authorizations.
  • Maintenance of product registration.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Lifecycle management/post-approval activities.
  • Ecad and felectronic publishing services.
  • Market access and regulatory strategy.



Hours Of Support

Hard Workers

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical distributors company in the Iraq by offering services across the entire drug lifecycle, from international brand names to generic formulations with affordable prices and recognized through our highly qualified products. And We would like to continue to build profound relationships with customers across the Iraqi territory in both public and private sectors, variety of services and applying international marketing standards with all aspects of branding strategies within the Iraq & international markets to assure 2win relationship with our agencies & customers.

This goal is realized through constant investments in research and innovation, training of employees and consultants, and a network of agents and pharmaceutical representatives who are available to offer a punctual service to health care professionals. The result is a wide range of pharmaceutical products, which includes innovative medicines with original active ingredients and formulations, medical devices, supplements, and cosmetics with the aim to handle the most common diseases in the different therapeutic areas and improve the quality of life.

Our Mission

At SHB Pharma, dedicated to providing the best quality and affordable medications for patients and healthcare professionals. We work with passion, determination, and constant professionalism. Improving the health sector and public health and innovative medical products and services for the benefit of the medical community. We ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services to our customers in Iraq. fulfilling medical community needs through. Establishing a top reputation within the industry through Efficient, professional, and highly ethical means. Supplying advanced and useful products.

The Company’s mission is to provide high quality products, which combine the therapeutic efficacy to the maximum safety and compliance with European certification and quality standards, to ensure customer satisfaction. The excellence is pursued in all the activities that the company performs and concerns all the actors differently involved in the development stages, formulation, production, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Know US

MPI SRL acts as a bridge between companies and regulatory authorities by providing strategic consulting services worldwide. MPI SRL, develops, registers, and enables companies to understand the complexity of various regulatory requirements of stringent authorities, address them efficiently, successfully launch products in new markets, and maximize the market share.

European Quality

The pharmaceutical products of MPI Srl are developed and manufactured in Italy according to the international pharmaceutical qualitative standards (GMP) and Pharmacopoeias (EP, BP, USP, JP), in order to ensure the highest safety and therapeutic reliability. The Company operates in compliance with an integrated quality management system that allow to control all stages of the process, from the selection of suppliers to the efficiency of the entire production, so that the finished products comply with the set requirements.

Corporate Governance

At MPI Srl : Transparency and Ethical Business Practice, we endeavor to convey quality medications to patients around the world with keenness and moral trade hones. What we do is vital, but how we do it is fair as imperative, we are carrying our partner's prerequisites and fulfilling instruments.

Our business models

As we built up our unused commerce demonstrate centering and get ready for an unused future, we center to assist move forward the well-being of individuals on request of our accomplices & our energizing items by looking for missed Brand items within the distension target, finding, creating, and sending out imaginative drugs, and buyer healthcare items to the world advertise.